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Expiring Points for Cancelled Members ABC/Mindbody

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 01:57PM PST
If you have cancelled members and would like to remove their point balance in Perkville, you can now use the 'Point Expiration' feature. 

NOTE: Currently this feature is only available for businesses using the ABC or Mindbody integration, and have 'Track Memberships' turned on in the advanced settings. 

If you are a Mindbody business with a mix of memberships and packages, or do not use memberships, this feature will not work properly for you. 

How do I turn this feature on? 

First, your business will need to have 'Track memberships in Perkville' turned on. To do so, go to 'Settings', then 'Advanced' on the lower left side. Scroll down near the bottom of the page. 

Check the box for tracking memberships. If you would like to prevent cancelled members from being able to earn or redeem points in the future, check box that says 'Do not let cancelled members redeem or earn points' as well. 

Once the track memberships box has been checked, the 'Point Expiration' box will become accessible. 

Check the box that says 'Expire points _ days after a user cancels their membership'. 

The default grace period is 14 days, however this period is customizable. We recommend 14 days as this gives your customer enough time to re-up their membership if it was accidentally cancelled before points are removed. 

NOTE: Perkville will not send any notification that the membership has been cancelled or points expired.  

When you are finished, click 'Save'. 


What happens when a cancelled member's points are removed?

When the grace period has passed after a member cancels their membership, we remove points in one transaction, under the title 'Point Expiration', bringing their balance to zero. 


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