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Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017 12:11PM PDT

How often can I post a photo for points? 

Points for posting a photo to Facebook can be earned once per day. Unlike Facebook check-ins, these points are not dependent on having earned points at the business before being able to post. 

How do I connect my Facebook account to Perkville? 

There are a couple of ways you can connect your Facebook account to Perkville. Both have to be done within Perkville itself. 

A) If the business has a photo bonus activity up and running, there will be a box to the right of the business logo prompting you to connect your Facebook account. 

B) OR, go to your settings, and click on 'Linked Accounts'. You can connect both your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

To ensure that photo posts for points are tracked properly, you will need to allow all permissions that the app asks for when connecting. 


How do I get points? 

Once connected, you can post on your timeline with either a picture or a video with the hashtag required by the business. We'll pick up your points overnight and they should appear by the next day in your account.

NOTE: The photo or video you upload will need to be posted to Facebook after the start of the Facebook photo activity. Re-posting a photo or video with the hashtag after it's already been posted to your timeline will not be picked up for points. 

Happy posting!

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