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Time Bonus

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2016 02:40PM PDT
Announcing Time Bonuses, the newest in our retention solutions! Build engagement and encourage activity during times of the day or week that you'd like to focus on. Follow the instructions below to add a Time Bonus. 

1) Navigate to 'Rewards Program' under the 'My Business' dropdown. 

2) Click the blue plus sign icon to the right of 'Bonus Earnings' at the bottom of the page, and then choose 'Time'. 

Bonus Earnings menu

3) Set up the rule for rewarding customers based on the time they come into your business. You can have more than one day and time period rule running at once. Choose the earning activity, then the amount you'd like to multiply the original point value. Next select the day(s) of the week and the time period(s) for which you'd like the points multiplier to run. 

Time Bonus earning rule


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