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Connecting LightSpeed Onsite

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 10:39AM PDT
When you'd like to connect your LightSpeed Onsite account to Perkville, please make to sure follow these steps:

1. Send your LightSpeed Onsite license key to your success representative.


1. To find your license key, you must first access your system preferences on your Mac.


2. Then, click on your LightSpeed Server option on the lower left.


3. You should be able to view your License Key/Serial information at the top of the page, as pictured.


4. After sending your serial number to Perkville, we will forward you the installation information for Accumula Channels, which is the software that allows communication between Perkville and LightSpeed Onsite. Follow the directions for installing Accumula Channels. 

Once installed Channels will start syncing with LightSpeed Onsite to send information to Perkville. This process can take from 24-48 hours to finish it's first sync. Until the sync is completed the integration on the Perkville side will not be available. 

2. Manage your Perkville/LightSpeed Onsite connection

Once we help get your account authorized and connected, and Channels has finished syncing, you may then manage the connection between the two. 

1. Navigate to the Integration page.


2. Click Edit next to your connected location.


3. Click Connect or the name of the earning activity under Step 3.


4. Finally check each Product Class you'd like to earn points, and click Connect!

3. Update your Onsite settings

LightSpeed Onsite allows you to modify invoices, and in some versions of Onsite, these modifications can result in those invoices being posted more than once (and get rewarded more than once).

To avoid the above, while in Onsite, navigate to Tools > Setup > Company and check "Post Invoices when Fully Paid." This will still allow you to take notes on invoices, but will ensure that those invoices only get rewarded once.


Unless otherwise checked, passwords will need to be reset every 90 days in LightSpeed Onsite. This can result in a lot of headaches! 

If you have Lightspeed 2015 v 2.1 or higher installed, go to Tools > Setup > Users and uncheck "Passwords Expire Every 90 Days".

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