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ABC Financial FAQ

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2016 12:09PM PDT

1) How do I authorize Perkville to access my ABC Financial data?  

Please contact and we will assist with the authorization.

2) What happens after I "Launch Rewards" with the integration to ABC Financial?

We will be able to add points to customers' accounts based on your Earning Activities that are connected to ABC Financial. For any customer email addresses that we pull from ABC Financial, if they have not already been invited, then we will go ahead and automatically invite them to your rewards program.

3) What options do I have for integrating with ABC Financial?

Perkville's integration allows your business to automate the process of awarding customers points. You can award customers points for each gym check in as well as each dollar they spend based on payment category in ABC Financial.

4) How and when do you connect to ABC Financial?

Perkville connects to ABC Financial each morning Pacific time. At this time, it checks to see if any customers should be awarded points from the previous day based on the rules you've set up and then it award customers the appropriate number of points.


5) Does this integration cost anything?

There is no charge for the integration.


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