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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015 03:54PM PDT

1) What options do I have for integrating with EZFacility?

Perkville's integration allows your business to use EZFacility to automate the process of giving points to customers. There are three methods for you to give your customers points using data from EZFacility:

  • Points for gym checkins
  • Points for sessions attended
  • Points for dollars spent

2) Does this integration cost anything?

There is no charge for the integration.

3) How do I connect EZFacility to my Perkville account?

Perkville Account Integration

In order to integrate EZFacility with your Perkville account, go into the Administration tab and select Perkville from the Account Setup section.

Perkville Login

Enter the username and password entered when the Perkville account was set up. Select the Link Account button to integrate EZFacility with Perkville.

Set The Perkville Business

Choose the business and location to be associated with the EZFacility location you are setting up.

Selecting Perks

By default, there are three options presented in EZFacility. We encouraged users to create additional custom own perks on their own through

How Perks are Earned

  • Checkins: client earns perk points based on the amount of checkins.
  • Sessions Attended: client earns perk points based on attendance.
  • Money Spent: client earns perk points based on how much money they spend on billed invoices.

4) What happens after I "Launch Rewards" with EZFacility Integration?

We will be able to add points to customers' accounts based on your Earning Activities that are connected to EZFacility. For any customer email addresses that we pull from EZFacility, if they have not already been invited, then we will go ahead and automatically invite them to your rewards program.

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